A Ferocious Family 2x2 Canvas

A Ferocious Family 2x2 Canvas

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The enemy goes by many names. He is Weakness, Despair, Excess, Anxiety. He prowls about, seeking the ruin of ambition, greatness, victory. He seeks your undoing. There is blackness in his eyes; he holds the chains and knows where the keys are hidden.

But Ferocity can set you free.
Let his thoughts be always filled with the snarling of Dogs. The gnashing teeth wake him in the morning, the howling chills his blood, the breath of this Pack is always in his face. Let your enemy think of nothing but his death.

For it is coming.

And it means nothing. And he will be forgotten. And you will be free.

All Bite. No Bark.

Let The Dog Eat.

- 2ft x 2ft
- Hangs well in home gyms, offices, and bedrooms

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