Conquer Your Shadow - "Conflicted" - Premium Tee
Conquer Your Shadow - "Conflicted" - Premium Tee

Conquer Your Shadow - "Conflicted" - Premium Tee

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I stood in the brightest sunlight and shut myself in the darkest rooms, but I could not hide from mu Shadows.

In the sunlight they are greed, excess, and luxury. In the darkness—alone and hiding—my

Shadows turn into restless anxiety, regret, and fear of failure.

Collect, hoard, compound.

Irritable, shameful, hopeless.

But I looked upon them, for the first time. I saw their cunning, their deceit. I witnessed their strange intentions: my undoing, chaos, the world’s devolving.

Fighting is not easy, and it feels unnatural. Aren’t these mine? Shouldn’t I embrace the path they prod me toward?

But I chose to fight. I wanted to look in the mirror and see life—life not controlled by shifting, mischievous Shadows.

I wanted to stand in the sunlight and feel warmth, I wanted to close myself in the darkest rooms and sleep.

Fighting is not easy.

But the violent undoing of my internal demons woke up a new person. It’s new eyes, new breath, a new spirit.

And it is savage. It is relentless. It is better.

It is inside you.

Conquer Your Shadow. 

A portion of all sales for this release will be donated to Project Sanctuary.

Athletic Profile:
- Any creative, savage soul who wants to make a statement
- Gym rats who value community; effort
- Combat athletes who need a midweight, versatile shirt for workouts; leisure

- Unisex, standard fit
- Casual activewear versatile enough for performance & leisure
- Soft cotton/spandex/polyester blend
- Moisture-wicking fabric blend

Care: Wash in cold water; tumble dry on low heat or air dry to ensure longevity.

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