Primal - Premium Tee - Black/Red

Primal - Premium Tee - Black/Red

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A unisex, standard fit makes these cotton/spandex/polyester blend shirts perfect for every Dog, no matter your build, creed, or pursuit. They’re mid-weight tees built for every season, every gym, every craft.

We are athletes, fighters, artists, poets, students, and teachers.

You are one, we are many.

Athletic Profile: 

  • Any creative, savage soul who wants to make a statement
  • 4 season gym rats who value community & effort
  • Combat athletes who need a hoodie for cool mornings & evenings


  • Unisex, standard fit
  • Casual activewear versatile enough for performance & amp; leisure
  • Soft cotton/spandex/polyester blend
  • Moisture-wicking fabric blend


Wash in cold water; tumble dry on low heat or air dry to ensure longevity.


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