Let The Dog Eat is an utterance of Hunger. It’s a declaration of the dog mentality. It says that inside you and I is a primal, supernatural desire to transcend bone and blood.

This hunger is not quiet. It is not gentle. It is not easily repressed.
And it needn’t be repressed. Let the animal inside you feast by your desires and ambitions, by your ferocity in the face of challenge. Let no limit or obstruction know your name. Let no difficulty alter your course.

You and I spar with fatigue and pain, knowing well another dog does the same, bloodies his or her knuckles, feeds the hunger inside, commits to this path. It’s an individual pursuit, a community drive. It’s a Hunger.
It doesn’t discriminate.

Fighting an internal battle of his own, Falcon founded Let The Dog Eat as his way of increasing awareness about mental health – the invisible battle we are all engaged in but don’t talk about.

With premium sports apparel as the messenger, Let the Dog Eat invites you into a movement. To adopt a certain mentality. It's the fighting stance you take when confronting the deepest, darkest shadows.

We are here for anyone willing to unleash their inner dog and let it do what it has to do to get the job done. To use that darkness to obliterate all their obstacles and move forward.